2023 Impact Report: MPS Foundation

Welcome to the Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation’s 2023 Impact Report and Spotlight Stories, an inspiring testament to the collective impact we have achieved over the past year. In this report, we celebrate our successes through both the quantifiable achievements highlighted in the infographic below and the deeply human narratives captured in our three spotlight stories.

With the support of donors like you, we made an incredible difference in 2023. Your engagement and generosity provided first-generation MPS students access to college scholarships, a new teacher resource program called the Classroom Support Fund, immersive field trips through Learning Journeys, safe outdoor play spaces, cultural enrichment opportunities, innovative instruction models such as Junior Achievement’s 3DE, science initiatives like the largest MPS STEM Fair ever, and more.

All of these joyful learning experiences exist because of supporters like you — YOU light the way to a brighter future for students in Milwaukee. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey today and in the exciting year ahead!

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To learn more about these programs and more, visit the “Our Work” page of our website.

Futures Funded: 2023 Spotlight Stories

    –> Read Asma’s full inspiring journey here: From a Refugee Camp to College: Asma’s Mission to Aid Refugees

    –> Read Ms. Davis’ full inspiring story here: 30 Years of Serving Students: Rozlind Davis’ Legacy of Support and Joy

    As we reflect on our accomplishments, we invite you to continue being a beacon of change. Join us in our ongoing mission to empower students, broaden horizons, and foster a community where education transcends barriers. Together, we can create a future where every student in Milwaukee not only dreams but also achieves. Your continued support fuels the momentum, and we are excited to embark on the next chapter of this journey with you. Let’s continue lighting the way toward a brighter tomorrow for Milwaukee’s students.

    As we plan for 2024, we want to make a bigger difference than ever, and your commitment is crucial to how far we can go. We need you!

    How can you help?

    Consider a tax-deductible donation to our end-of-year fundraiser today!

    1. Make a secure online donation here.
    2. Alternatively, mail your contribution by check to: 234 W. Galena St., Milwaukee, WI, 53212.
    3. Spread the word by sharing this report with a family member, friend, or colleague—because, as the saying goes, it takes a village!

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