Author Paul Noth Visits MPS

Celebrated author and cartoonist Paul Noth, an alumnus of Rufus King High School and Trowbridge School, made another visit to Milwaukee Public Schools on February 1st. He visited students at Metcalfe School to discuss writing, drawing, the creative process, and his notebook of Bad Ideas. He also visited Boswell Book Company in an event open to the public and sponsored by the MPS Foundation.

Students at Metcalfe enjoyed Noth’s visit and were able to take home autographed copies of his book. The events were a fun way to build strong connections between art, literacy, and college and career readiness.

Mr. Noth is an accomplished cartoonist whose work appears regularly in ‘The New Yorker’ magazine and is also published in ‘The Wall Street Journal.’ He was a regular guest writer for ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ and has also written for ‘The Late Late Show’ and other television programs. He comes from a very creative, talented family. His father, Dom Noth, is a celebrated movie and TV critic. His sister Jeanie Gaffigan works alongside her husband – stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan – to produce and write his materials. Paul’s brother Vincent operates the Riverwest Food pantry in Milwaukee, and brother Patrick is involved in myriad entertainment endeavors as an actor, writer, director, and composer.

Noth’s visit was sponsored by the MPS Foundation in partnership with Boswell Book Company.

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